About Accumulation Technologies

Accumulation Technologies was founded in 2014 by experts in data management, pharmacy benefits, healthcare consulting and federal health regulations to assist insurance carriers, pharmacy benefit managers and third party administrators to integrate claims data between different vendors.

Managing out-of-pocket costs is a straight-forward operation that only requires the back and forth submittal of cost share information between sharing vendors. That operation assumes the following general issues have already been addressed:

  1. Vendors have setup a communication stream and coordinated timeframes (one vendor sends claims every 4 hours but needs to hold them for the day to meet the other vendor needs).
  2. Differences between file coding, adjustment processing standards have been resolved.
  3. Uniform file layouts have been agreed upon.
  4. Membership demographic and eligibility time period discrepancies have been resolved so that all claims can post to the proper member without manual review.

In order to build the out-of-pocket accumulation engine, a data interoperability solution had to be created that could coordinate all of the data between all vendors. This interoperability can be applied to support many data needs.

What is Data Integration Useful for?


Many groups are using Consumer Driven Health to reduce overall costs and increase consumerism in health care. Groups that have separate vendors managing medical, pharmacy, mental health or other aspects of the health benefit are turning to Accumulation Technologies to integrate deductible payments.


Since 2015, health plans have been required by law to attribute a single maximum to all health benefits, even if they're administered by separate vendors. While some plans initially started offering reduced maximums separately on each benefit, this is typically an expensive option for the plan. Many plans decide to integrate out-of-pocket payments amongst all vendors to maintain the integrity of cost controls and manage costs.

Other Data Sharing Needs

Data from different vendors often needs to be combined for various other reasons like:

  • medication therapy management,

  • wellness programs,

  • data analytics,

  • expense forecasting, and

  • eligibility management.

Why Choose AccumTech?

AccumTech's main goal is to create a smooth claim transition from one vendor to another. This means using state-of-the-art technology and the newest techniques to import, reformat, translate and forward claims seamlessly and using formats & codes that are native to the sending and receiving vendor.

Creating custom formats for each vendor interface can be costly and time-consuming. Using AccumTech's ClaimGen system means that connectivity, file formats and coding only need to be setup once. Once setup with the ClaimGen system, adding new customers to the regular feed is as simple as sending the group codes and beginning to forward claims and membership data.

In short, ClaimGen simplifies and enhances the claim sharing experience.

HIPAA Compliance

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