Our Values
Our Values
Esprit de Corps is our cornerstone. If your fundamentals don't start with fun, what's the point?

How our team interacts is the sole determinant of our success. We purposefully create opportunities to establish camaraderie within the team. We compete with each other to vie for bragging rights in our Office Olympics but that only serves to make us better when we come together to accomplish our next mission for our customers. With an intentional focus on the small interactions that lead to big breakthroughs, we foster trust and belonging.

To see more examples of how we put Esprit de Corps to action, check out our culture!

Embody and embrace agility. Remember to stretch before a game.

Being nimble and agile is a source of pride for our organization. With every unique challenge, our passionate team of top technical talent collaborates to deliver out-of-the-box solutions with a personal touch. Fostering free-flowing ideas within a fast to action operational model is the perfect combination for delivering efficient results. Agility is not about spinning in place; it's about being flexible and versatile enough to adapt your challenge while keeping your eye on the prize. Objectives may change and customer needs may get updated but our commitment to deliver never wavers.

Run through walls to deliver customer value. Semper Kool-Aid Man (Latin: Always Kool-Aid Man).

Customer experience goes beyond the smile and service we provide. We're not afraid to entrench ourselves in our customers' pain points and use our unique expertise to deliver solutions. Going above and beyond looks different for us: it means identifying long-term problems that have existed in the industry and partner with our customers to turn those problems into opportunities. The list is ominous but anything worth having is worth working for. We always deliver the news; walk with good news and sprint with bad. Our steady hand helps to support our customers from challenge to achievement.

Our team solutions always best our solo efforts. Be passionately dispassionate as we work together.

Our team members speak up, point out what they see and introduce their perspective. Everyone has a different vantage point and getting all of those ideas and thoughts on the the table is how we find our way to the best solution. As quick as we are to get those ideas on the board, we are just as quick to scrutinize our suggestions. Separating ourselves from those ideas helps us to refine them down to the best path forward. Help us help each other.

Is Accumtech the place for you?
Is Accumtech the place for you?