Our Values
Our Values
Esprit de Corps is our cornerstone. We take teambuilding seriously.

How we work together as a team is often the make-or-break factor of a company’s success. We purposefully create opportunities to establish a strong sense of camaraderie within the team. This may look like office Olympics where cross-functional teams come together to compete for ultimate bragging rights, or our unwavering commitment to collaborative brainstorming sessions for every project kickoff, or our leadership development program to better understand individual strengths and how to align them to get the best possible result. With an intentional focus on the small interactions that lead to big breakthroughs, we are able to foster a space of trust and belonging.

To see more examples of how we put Esprit de Corps to action, check out our culture!

Embody and embrace agility. Calisthenics are good for your attitude, too.

Being nimble, small and agile is a source of pride for our organization. With every unique challenge, our team of top technical talent is brought together to brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions. Fostering free-flowing ideas within a fast to action operational model is the perfect combination for delivering efficient results. However, the benefit of agility does not stop at ideation. Being agile allows us to investigate issues in depth at lightning speed, respond quickly to inquiries and have greater mobility in the ways we adapt to the healthcare landscape.

Run through walls to deliver customer value. We will give you a running start.

Customer experience goes beyond the smile and service we provide. Here, we aim to not only interact with our customers, but entrench ourselves in the understanding of their pain points and use decades of expertise in providing our recommendations. Going above and beyond looks different for us. It means identifying problems that have existed in the healthcare industry for years and helping our customers chip away at them, one by one. The list seems ominous, but with our scope of knowledge in regulatory, process and technical considerations, we are able to guide our customers through it seamlessly.

Every idea has a seat at the table. Not the kid's table. The big one.

Another set of eyes never hurts. No matter if you joined our team yesterday or have been here for over 10 years, we value every perspective. We believe everyone is made up of a collection of experiences, all important to our organization. Whether the idea is centered in how to improve our talent experience or how to tackle a customer problem, we look to our team to share their feedback. Every AccumTech member receives a weekly survey to facilitate a two-way dialogue on topics like leadership, professional development, benefits, employee engagement and more. Their responses guide our strategy in change leadership, both immediate and long-term. Just look at our Core Values… these were thought up and created by the very people working for our company!

Do all things with integrity. No pants on fire allowed here.

Handling healthcare data requires an extra level of dedication, protection and confidence. We take this responsibility seriously and hold ourselves accountable through various audits, trainings and company policies. However, checking the box only takes an organization so far in living this value. Our expectation is to make the right decision and do the right thing even when no one is looking. Here, integrity is not just a requirement – it is a baseline foundation for all that we do. We pride ourselves in hiring leaders that live this value in and out of the office. You can rest assured we are the ones that actually return the grocery carts in the parking lot.

Be the key to unlock our team's potential. The skeleton key to our success.

It only takes one person to believe in you to tap into a world of talent and purpose. Every offer to join AccumTech comes with a team of leaders who hold unwavering belief in this potential. It becomes our mission to help each team member discover their own. Through a collection of professional development opportunities, we foster a culture of learning and growth. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all development plan, so we take the time to really understand individual goals and follow-up with a customized coaching plan. We provide the support and our people carve their path. Consider us the wind beneath their wings.

Is Accumtech the place for you?
Is Accumtech the place for you?